All Champion Flooring L.L.C. products and all installations preformed by its employees are warranted against defects for a period of one year.  Champion Flooring will fix or replace free of charge any warranty issue within thirty days of written notification to  Champion Flooring.


All floorings products installed by Champion Flooring must be cleaned with a non-abrasive neutral cleaner. An auto-scrubber, buffer or a mop may be used to apply a properly diluted cleaning solution. The use of a blue or red pad is recommended. Scrub as needed, each facility receives different amounts of use so clean at your discretion. Do NOT use a scrubbing machine for 14 days after installation, only clean by hand. Do not apply a maintenance wax for at least 30 days. Dust-mop at least once a day with an untreated mop.

rubber tiles

Champion Flooring also offers rubber goods, 2'X 2' square tiles and square meter rubber tiles in various colors from industry leaders.


  • Folding tables and chairs, if they do not have the protecting boots, will cut the floor.
  • Ink pens will not erase off the floor.
  • Certain liquids may leave a stain if not cleaned immediately.
  • Do not turn on cleaning head rotation on a dry floor.
  • If game tape is used remove periodically.
  • Install volleyball post carefully and do not drag post.
  • Monitor bleacher wheels and other moving parts.
  • Do not use sandpaper, steel wool or abrasive cleaners.


  • Dust mop after the usual daily activities and after games.
  • Rinse the floor with cold water after every other cleaning.
  • Remove high heels at ¬†events to protect the dance area.
  • Indoor non-marking shoes only, street shoes may leave marks that are hard to clean.


Citris Cleanser, a nuetral non-abrasive cleaner: $75.00 per 5 gallon pail. Contact us for ordering information.

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